3D Architectural Animation

Architectural Animation is a very good way to present and visualize architectural and civil projects. we have:

  • Exterior Animation
  • Interior Animation
  • Construction Animation

Virtual Tour

In 3D Virtual Tour the user can easily have the access to see the different sections in the architectural projects. This will provide the customer with a complete overview of all features.

There are different ways to use virtual tour:

  • Using the arrows in the program will direct the user into different parts of the project.
  • There is a map in the program, which will help the user to go to different sections of the project.
  • The user can rotate the smart devices to see the project from different angels

Architectural Walkthrough

One of the newest representation of architectural projects is using Architectural Walkthrough. In this program with using keyboard and mouse, the user can easily walk in the project and will have a look from the “First Person”. In this program it is possible to change the colors and materials of the models in the project, turning on and off the lights, etc. This method gives a chance to show the scale, space, material and decoration in the project.

Lemon Animation Team can prepare a video of this Walkthrough, in which the camera is moving like a person walking in the project.

3D Rendering

3D modeling of the projects with proper lighting and textures will make a photo realistic 3d visualization  which will bring out the best architectural qualities of each individual project.

 This service will be done for both interior and exterior projects.

Scale Modeling

An Architectural scale model is a common and physically representation of an architectural projects.

With the 3D print technology very accurate scale models can be built.